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Different solutions for different needs

With our M2M, SIM or MIM cards you communicate worldwide with ease.

 RFID communication helps you with in-house logistics, parcel tracking or gathering of real-time data.


Standard SIM cards are being used in products all over the world. They ensure your day-to-day communication. They have a lifespan of a few years. Each card can be set with different settings such as data, voice and/or text. They can be featured with restrictions, country limitations and several other attributes.


MIM cards ensures a very high stability rate when used in environments that require higher operating levels. This may be external variations of weather, corrosion, vibration, chock and ensuring a longer lifespan of the card. The MIM cards are ideal for outdoor situations, industry, security and health care that requirements high security and stability. The cards have a life span of up to 20 years.


Radio Frequency ID is a small tag that operates either Active (Sending signals) or Passive (Triggered when receiving signals). They operate with radio signals up to 200 meters and are ideal for tracking, industry, logistics and in-house administration of units.


Voice Over Internet Protocol is the most cost-effective way to handle your company’s calls, domestic or international. Always at a fixed rate – regardless where you are in the world. With VOIP your calls are made by using internet and not via the regular telecom network. Works with mobile phone, tablet or desktop.