Communication between things

Let your vehicles, computers, cameras, house equipment and other units communicate and make decisions on their own.

Everything controlled and managed by you.


Connect your units to the network


Your units communicate through our IoT platform


Your units receive, send and execute orders


The platform reports performance, time savings and cost reductions.

What is Internet of Things?


Internet of Things (IoT) is the term for the possibilities of machines, vehicles, parcels, humans and all other things, being applied with small built-in communication sensors or processors. With this technology, they will be able to communicate, perceive and integrate with their surroundings in a more situation adapted pattern and create a smart, attractive and helpful services, products and working environment.

IoT is a very vital part of the digitalisation of our society and our economy where things and humans are connected to report of surroundings and status. Examples of this technology is unmanned vehicles, automated industry machines, agriculture sensors, credit card machines etc who work with an automated process to send and receive information in order to make the right decisions in a split second and send a status of the process.


Machine to Machine, or M2M is the technology that IoT is using. It is the connected systems that handles all the information that the connected devices are sending out. This enables the user to connect and get a full-scale picture of the devices connected. A shipping company can easily and manageable keep track of all shipments, containers world-wide with a web-based interface.

A Reliable Solution For Your Business

An Internet of Thing (IoT) solution from UNITO is always cost effective and fast & easy for you to implement.

See some of our examples:

  • Fleet & Vehicle Management

    • Location services
    • Smartphone App for easy monitoring
    • Track and Trace
    • Estimate Time of Arrival
    • Geofence & Alarms
    • Fuel efficiency, Compare routes and improve logistics
    • Location History
    • Time and date of arrival
    • Send e-mail or SMS about location activities

  • Surveillance & Security

    • Link up your CCTV system and monitor live images
    • Connect multiple users to receive text and/or images
    • Manage multiple CCTV networks and users with one platform
    • Offline, system and battery notifications

  • Tracking & Positioning

    • Battery-driven unit with up to 15 yrs lifespan to track worldwide units.
    • Follow your units live via our Platform.
    • Send and receive orders from units.
    • Estimate time arrivals.
    • IOS/Android and Web user interface with multiple users.
    • Track and trace worldwide at a fixed cost.